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Plan your trip Getting to Yamato

With easy to access from Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, Yamato is great for a day trip.
You can also include destinations like the World Heritage Sites Mount Koya and Kumano,
the ninja village Iga, and Nagoya in your travel plans.
This section tells you how to get from various other spots to Sakurai,
your launching point for a journey through Yamato.

* Information as of January 2017. Contents may change.

Osaka → Sakurai

Time: approx. 60 minutes Fare ¥800

When coming from Osaka to Sakurai, we recommend either the express [Kyukou] or rapid express [Kaisoku Kyukou] to save time. The limited express [Tokkyu] is fast, but it doesn’t stop at Sakurai Station. Also, the limited express [Tokkyou] comes with additional charges. Because of the risk of going past Sakurai Station, we don’t recommend it. If you do come by limited express [Tokkyu], it’s best if you switch at Yamato-Yagi Station to a non-limited express train going to Sakurai.

Kyoto → Sakurai

Time: approx. 70 minutes Fare ¥940

Use either the express [Kyukou] or limited express [Tokkyu] when coming from Kyoto. The express [Kyukou] takes about an hour and 10min. The limited express [Tokkyu] is 50 minutes.

Nara → Sakurai

Time: approx. 30 minutes Fare ¥320

Kansai International Airport → Sakurai

  • Time: approx. 110 minutes Fare: ¥1,950
  • Time: approx. 100 minutes Fare: ¥2,160

Some times of day have a direct bus connection to Sakurai (option #1). If you can’t catch one of these, go to Yamato-Yagi Station and connect there (option #2).

Mount Koya → Sakurai

Time: approx. 130 minutes Fare ¥1,670

*JR doesn’t run many trains. Also, you may need to wait quite a long time between transfers. Keep this in mind when using JR.

Iga-Ueno → Sakurai

Time: approx. 80 minutes Fare ¥1,030

Kumano → Sakurai

Time: approx. 5 hours, 20 minutes Fare ¥4,160

Be warned, there aren’t many buses.

Nagoya → Sakurai

Time: approx. 110 minutes Fare ¥3,950