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The heart of the Yamato area is Sakurai Station,
found at the intersection of the Kintetsu Osaka line - running east to west - and the JR Sakurai line - running north to south.
As the station is easy to get to from Osaka and Kyoto, you should plan out your travels with Sakurai Station as your starting point.
Administratively, the area straddles Sakurai City; Tenri City; the towns of Kawanishi, Miyake,
and Tawaramoto in Shiki District; Uda City; and the villages of Mitsue and Soni in Uda District.
However, we'll be introducing Yamato as divided into four areas based on sightseeing and tourism facilities.
* Details are current as of 2017 and may be subject to change.

Miwa/Yamanobe Area

Sakurai/Tounomine Area

Hase Area

Uda Area