A walk in the ancients' shoes

Yamanobe Road


A road running north and south along the eastern edge of the Nara Basin, connecting Miwa Mountain in Sakurai City and Kasuga Mountain in Nara City. It is said to be "the oldest road in Japan" because it is the oldest road to be mentioned in the Chronicles of Japan. It is a road of about 16 km in length from Omiwa Jinja Shrine in Sakurai City to Isonokami Jingu Shrine in Tenri City, and is known as a particularly beautiful hiking course.

Mountains rise gently in the east, and the entire Nara Basin can be seen to the west. Walking along a path through rice fields and orchards, visitors will come across a number of shrines and ancient burial mounds. The scenery along the way is mentioned in many Waka (Japanese poems), and the landscape that impressed people of the past enough to write of it in poems still remains to this day.

Tips on walking

Most of the roads are limited to pedestrians, and cars are not allowed. As hills are uncommon, you can safely walk without special gear. There are drink vending machines along the way. Although uncommon, there are also restaurants. Due to their low numbers, we suggest you take along something to eat and snack at locations with a good view. Though the total distance is 16km, one day is not enough time to see the full route. We recommend going from Sakurai station, then walking along the Yamanobe Road to Yanagimoto station