Be enveloped in the Buddha's kindness

Shorinji Temple

Built in the 8th century


This is a quiet temple built on a hill outside the town of Sakurai. One can see the whole of Mount Miwa from the main gates.

Eleven-faced Kannon / National treasure Created during the 8th century

This statue of Buddha radiates universally-encompassing benevolence. It has won acclaim from many artists. It is cited as a representative work in the history of Japanese sculpture. The site is not heavily visited by tourists, and the stillness allows visitors to spend time communing with the Buddha.

It was once the principal image of Omiwadera Temple, a Buddhist temple that used to be located near Mount Miwa. When the storm of Haibutsu kishaku ("abolish Buddhism and destroy Shākyamuni", a term which advocates the expulsion of Buddhism from Japan) swept through Japan during the Meiji Period, the Buddha statue was removed to this location in 1868. When Japan's national treasure system was established, this was the first national treasure to be selected. At the time, only 24 national treasures were designated.

Koyasu Enmei Jizo / Built in the 18th century

The principal image of Shorinji Temple. Jizo is the Buddha of pregnancy and safe births.
The Monk Bunshun built this statue because many villagers - including his older sister - suffered from difficult births.
He took the wooden Buddha he had carved with him on his back, and went on a pilgrimage across Japan. The pilgrimage took 4 years and 7 months, and he then donated the statue.
Even now, the temple draws worshipers who wish for children or safe delivery in childbirth.


Viewing times
9:00 - 16:30
Admission fee
* ¥500 admission fee during November for the “Mandala Exhibition”.
10 minutes from Sakurai Station Fare ¥230
Bus Stop Sakurai Station South Entrance → (Sakurai Community Bus Tounomine Line 8 minutes Fare ¥230) → Bus Stop Shorinji → short walk → Shorinji Temple
* Note that there is only one bus per hour (approximately)
Sightseeing duration
30 minutes - 1 hour
692 Shimo, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture