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Abe Monjuin Temple

Built in the 7th century


The temple primarily reveres “Monju” (Sk. Manjusri), the Buddha of wisdom. It is known as one of the three great temples to Monju in Japan. Given that Monju is a deity of wisdom, many students seeking to pass exams visit the temple. This temple has been a site of worship for common people for over 1300 years. The temple grounds are dotted with relics from many eras, ranging from the modern temple hall to medieval sculptures and a burial mound from the 7th century AD. The temple is also home to truly unique experiences. If you're in the area, make sure to visit while you can!

Tokai Monju / National Treasure Built in 1203

Statue of Monju Bosatsu seated on a lion with 4 flanking images. All five statues are National Treasures. Created by Kaikei, a Buddhist sculptor representative of the Kamakura Period (1185-1333). It is 7m high, and is the largest Monju Bosatsu statue in Japan.

Matcha Tea and Wagashi Sweets

When entering the main hall, visitors are served Matcha and Wagashi. Drinking Matcha in the tranquility of the hall is a truly unique experience.

Kinkaku Ukimido (Nakamaro Hall) and Shichimairi (Seven worships) / Built in 1985

This golden temple was built to celebrate the Abe Clan that originated here. Inside houses precious statues of Buddha.

Shichimairi (Seven worships) Admission fee

Shichimairi is a ceremony for warding off evils. A worshiper circles around inside of the hall making one wish. Every time the worshiper makes a circle, he/she offers an amulet to the deity, then, repeat it for seven times which is believed to be able to avoid disasters and misfortunes. The Shichimairi is unique to this temple and is worth trying.

Monjuin Nishi Kofun was built around the 7th century. It is designated as a National Historic Site.

Monjuin Nishi Kofun (western burial mound) Built around the 7th century Designated as a national special historic site
Visitors have access to an ancient stone chamber of the burial mound, much like those of the pyramids in Egypt. The Kofun is said to be the tomb of Abe no Kura Hashimaro, the architect of Abedera Temple.


Viewing times
9:00 - 17:00
Admission fee
A : Main Hall Tokai Monju statue (with Matcha / Wagashi)
Adult ¥700 / Elementary school student ¥500

B : Kinkaku Ukimido Reihokan (with seven worships ticket / charm)
Adult ¥700 / Elementary school student ¥500

A + B Adult ¥1200 / Elementary school student ¥800
20 minutes on foot from Sakurai Station or 7 minutes by bus Fare: ¥190
Bus Stop Sakurai Station South Exit → (Sakurai Community Bus Loop Line [South] 7 minutes) → Bus Stop Abe Monjuin → short walk
* Note There is only one bus service every one or two hours.
Sightseeing duration
1 hour - 2 hours
645 Abe, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture