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Half-day Courses

Feeling the Buddha's Love
-Hasedera Temple-

  • 11:50
    Take a Kintetsu train from Sakurai Station to Hasedera Station

    (Train [Kukan Junkyu] Bound for Haibara 6 min.2 stations)

  • 11:56
    Arrive at Hasedera Station.

    (Walk: 10 min. 750m)

  • 12:10
    Have lunch in the town around the temple on your way to Hasedera Temple.


    (Short Walk)

  • 13:00
    Arrive at Hasedera Temple.

    Take your time to enjoy the flowers in the temple grounds as you climb up the 399 steps to the main hall.


  • 13:30
    Arrive at the temple’s main hall.

    Rest while taking in the fabulous scenery from atop the stage.

    You can view the 11-faced Kannon (Buddhist goddess of mercy), the principle image of worship here. If you’re there during the special viewing period (viewing fee separate),
    you should go inside to take a look.
    The size of the statue and the level of detail are sure to impress. It’s a chance to commune with the spirit of Buddhism.

  • 14:00
    Take a stroll down the mountain from the main hall.

    Don’t forget to stop and see the beautiful main temple and the five-story pagoda!

    (Short Walk)

  • 14:30
    Leave the temple.

    Take a tea break in the town around the temple and try out some kusamochi (mugwort rice cakes) and Japanese green tea.

    (Short Walk)

  • 15:10
    Climb up stairs bordered by beautiful cedars to arrive at Yokitenman Jinja Shrine.


    (Short Walk)

  • 16:10
    Visit Hokiin Temple.


    (Short Walk)

  • 16:30
    Hunt for souvenirs in the town around the temple as you head for Hasedera Station.

    The area’s famous for Yamato Izumo figurines and paper shade lanterns.

    (Short Walk)

  • 17:11
    Arrive at Hasedera Station and ride on to Sakurai Station.

    (Train Bound for Osaka-Uehonmachi 8 min.2 stations)

  • 17:19
    Arrive at Sakurai Station.