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Full-day Courses

Peaceful Mountain Temples
-Hasedera Temple and Murouji Temple-

  • 9:20
    Kintetsu Sakurai Station

    (Train: [Kukan Junkyu] bound for Haibara 10 min. 2 stations)

  • 9:30
    Kintetsu Hasedera Station

    (Walk: 15 min. 1.5km)

  • 10:00
    Arrive at Hasedera Temple.


    Take your time to enjoy the flowers in the temple grounds as you climb up the 399 steps to the main hall.

  • 10:30
    Arrive at the temple’s main hall. Rest while taking in the fabulous scenery from a top the stage.

    You can view the 11-faced Kannon (Buddhist goddess of mercy), the principle image of worship here. If the special exhibition is on, you should go inside to take a look.
    The size of the statue and the level of detail are sure to impress. It’s your chance to commune with the spirit of Buddhism.

  • 11:00
    Come down the stairway and have a look at the five-storied pagoda, main temple, and other structures.
  • 11:30
    Descend the mountain.

    Have lunch at the town around Hasedera Temple

    (Short walk)

  • 12:56
    Hasedera Station

    (Train: [Kukan Junkyu] bound for Haibara 5 min. 1 station)

  • 13:05
    Haibara Station *Transfer

    (Train: [Kyukou] bound for Isuzugawa 6 min. 1 station)

  • 13:11
    Muroguchi-Ono Station

    (Walk: 5 min. 450m)

  • 13:20
    Arrive at Onoji Temple; go see the great Buddha at the riverside quay. Head to Murouji Temple by bus.


    (Bus: Bound for Murouji 13 min. 6.2km)

  • 14:15
    Bus stop Murouji Temple

    * Check the schedule for the bus back to Muroguchi-Ono Station

    (Short walk)

  • 14:20
    Disembark the bus. Cross the beautiful bridge to arrive at Murouji Temple.

    There are many national treasures within the temple’s grounds, including the hall itself, the five-story pagoda, and the Buddha statues.
    Make sure to take it all in! The Buddha statues in particular are must-sees.


  • 15:00
    Head toward Oku-no-In.

    Take the gorgeous stone steps, flanked by towering cedars, one by one on the way upwards.

  • 15:20
    Arrive at Oku-no-In. Take a moment's rest to recover.
  • 15:40
    Start back down the stone steps to the temple’s entrance.
  • 16:00
    Leave the temple. Take a tea break in the town around Murouji Temple.
    Afterwards, hunt for souvenirs in the area.

    (Short walk)

  • 16:30
    Bus stop Murouji Temple

    * This is the last bus, so take care not to miss it

    (Bus: Bound for Muroguchi-Ono Station 14 min. 6.8km)

  • 16:54
    Muroguch-Ono Station

    (Train: [Kyukou] bound for Osaka-Uehonmachi 14 min. 2 stations)

  • 17:08
    Kintetsu Sakurai Station