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Full-day Courses

Walk the Oldest Road in Japan
-Yamanobe Road-

  • 9:06
    JR Sakurai Station

    (Train: [Local] bound for Nara 8 min. 3 stations)

  • 9:14
    Get off at JR Yanagimoto Station. Head by foot to Chogakuji Temple.

    (Walk: 20 min. 1.5km)

  • 9:50
    Enjoy the beautiful gardens and Buddhist iconography in the Chogakuji Temple grounds.


    (Walk: 15 min. 1.1km)

  • 10:40
    Arrive at the Tomb of Emperor Sujin.

    Imagine the full size of the tomb based on the massive mound.


    (Walk: 15 min. 1km)

  • 11:00
    Arrive at the Tomb of Emperor Keiko.


    (Walk: Short walk)

  • 11:30
    Lunch in area

    (Walk: 30 min. 2.2km)

    This is where the road becomes truly beautiful.
    Take your time enjoying the scenery as it was in ancient times.

    You might also enjoy buying and snacking on some fruit from one of the unmanned fruit stalls along the way.

    (Walk: 30 min. 2.2km)

  • 13:00
    Arrive at Sumo Jinja Shrine, birthplace of sumo wrestling.

    Cast your thoughts back into history, to the sumo that was once held here.

    (Walk: 5 min. 200m) 

  • 13:20
    Sense the divine amid the quiet grounds of Anashiniimasuhyozu Jinja Shrine.


    The road only becomes more stellar from here on in.

    (Walk: 22 min. 1.7km)

  • 14:00
    Stop at the Three Unified Torii in Hibara Jinja Shrine.

    This is a chance to see the primeval form of the Shinto faith.


    Tea break in area around shine

    (Walk: 5 min.  300m)

  • 14:30
    Take a break in the quiet, secluded gardens of Genpian.

    Try to imagine what it would’ve been like for the monk Genpin (734–818), who lived the life of a hermit here.


    (Walk: 12 min. 900m)

  • 15:10
    Refresh yourself with a drink of the sacred waters at Sai Jinja Shrine.


  • 15:50
    Head to the Omiwa Forest Observatory.

    The large torii gate that hangs above the Yamato Basin is stunning.
    To think, this scenery was captured in prose over a thousand years ago!
    Read a poem composed for the Yamato Sanzan (the three mountains of Kashihara seen to the southwest) in recollection of the people of yore.

    (Short walk)

  • 16:20
    Visit Omiwa Jinja Shrine.


    (Short walk)

  • 16:30
    Leave Omiwa Jinja Shrine.

    Hunt around the area for souvenirs like somen noodles or sake.

    (Walk: Short walk)

  • 17:03
    JR Miwa Station

    (Train: [Local] bound for Oji 3 min. 1 station)

  • 17:06
    JR Sakurai Station